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Principle Planning Officer

Location: East Anglia
Salary: £25.00 - £30.00
Industry: Public Sector
Job Type: Temp
Employer: Papillon Group
Start Date: 18/08/2007 Expires: 18/09/2007

Principal Responsibilities: 

1.          To supervise, in conjunction with the Development Control Manager Town/Rural, all work connected with the Development Control functions of the Council and to organise the work load of the Development Control, Enforcement and Conservation Teams.

 2.          To assess applications of all types, ensuring awareness of site histories, present polities and inspection of sites. 

3.          To consult with relevant County and district council departments, statutory consultees and parish councils, and to notify other persons in accordance with the Council’s policies. 

4.          To negotiate with and advise the public, developers and their agents concerning development control matters. 

5.          To ensure the investigation of complaints and breaches of planning control, and to secure compliance or enforcement action. 

6.          To prepare recommendations on applications being referred to the Planning Committees, or where appropriate to determine applications, or take other planning decisions, under delegated powers. 

7.          To attend the Planning Sub-Committees and present the applications under consideration. 

8.          To prepare evidence and supporting information for appeals and to attend Inquiries and give evidence on behalf of the District Council. 

9.          To take responsibility for the budgetary management of the Development Control Group including the setting of budgets, management control information and Cost Centre Manager’s spending. 

10.        To carry out other duties reasonably compatible with and/or arising from the duties listed above. 

NB        Please note that under the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, this post is politically restricted.

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