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Below is a detailed description of the products and services available to you on Piljobs.com. Piljobs.com provides you with the ability and flexibility to manage your own jobs online.  We won’t charge you extra for you own company logo or any adjustments needed to your adverts.  You have complete control over your recruitment campaign, you decide the frequency, duration and content of your adverts**.   By providing upgrades such as Buttons, Skyscrapers and “Job Slot Ultimate's”, we can ensure your campaign gets maximum exposure.  Your jobs, your way. It really is that simple.

The Job Slot:

• A Job Slot is an area of advertising space on Piljobs.com, here you can add a graphic and text describing your vacancy.  One of the prime benefits of a Job Slot is that you can re-use the space for as long as you want.  For example, a 3 Job Slot pack will provide the opportunity to display a maximum of 3 jobs at any one time, with the ability to change any of them at any time.  Only one job can be displayed per Job Slot. By setting the expiry date on your Job Slots, will ensure that your campaign will stay running automatically.

The Upgrades:

With the flexibility of job-slots combined with the increased awareness of our skyscrapers and buttons, we are confident you’ll find a suitable candidate for your requirements.

Job Slot Ultimate* – UPGRADE any of your Job Slots to “Job Slot Ultimate”.  With a ‘Job Slot Ultimate’ your advert will stand out from the crowd and appear on the front page of the website in a highly visual, prime location, in addition to being listed.  This increased exposure will boost the awareness of your vacancies for all prospective candidates.

SkyScraper* - Stand out with our premium banner at the top of the website, this will provide candidates with quick, easy and obvious access to all of your jobs!  This is the ultimate place to advertise. Clicking on the Skyscraper will instantly display all of your vacancies and will provide a direct link to you website.

Buttons* - Enhance your jobs further with the addition of a button, which will show in the right column of the site, allowing quick access to all of your jobs!  This provides increased branding and awareness.   Clicking on a button provides instant access to all of your current vacancies.

If you require assistance with your purchases or any more information, please contact on info@piljobs.com with your details for a call back.

*Skyscrapers, Buttons and Job Slot Ultimate’s will rotate on a completely even basis providing fair use and equal exposure to all of our clients. **Content as per terms and conditions.


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